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The Ooze Slim Twist Pro Kit is the new go-to device for both oil cartridges AND concentrate vaping. This is an excellent starter kit for anyone just beginning to get into concentrates, while still pleasing the seasoned smoker.

The Ooze Slim Twist Pro comes with our favorite Slim Twist battery, which features a dial on the bottom so you can control the temperature. Activate preheat mode with two clicks of the button for 15 seconds of continuous heating. Preheat mode works best with the wax atomizer; prep your coil with a round of Preheat mode before taking your dab. This kit is compatible with all 510 thread oil, extract, essential oil, and Delta 8 THC cartridges, and you can use pre-filled carts or fill one with your own concentrate oil. Use the wax atomizer to dab your other concentrates with the dual quartz coils. Voltage settings range from 3.3V (recommended for most oil cartridges) up to 4.8V. Experiment with different temperature settings for your wax to find the best taste and clouds possible!


  • Ooze 320 mAh Battery
  • Preheat mode
  • Adjustable Voltage: 3.3V – 4.8V
  • 15-Second Hold Time
  • Fits all 510 Thread
  • USB Smart Charger
  • Smart USB Rapid Charge
  • Auto Safety Shut off
  • Preserves Battery Cells
  • Wax Atomizer
  • Dabber Tool
  • 3 Dual Quartz Wax Tanks
  • Weight: 0.12 lbs

Ooze Slim Twist Pro Instructions:
The Ooze Slim Twist Pro kit contains a 320 mAh battery with adjustable voltage, a dabber tool, 2 extra dual quartz wax tanks and a USB charger.

At the bottom of the battery, there is a voltage gauge that will allow you to change your voltage from 3.3 volts to 4.8 volts.  We recommend that you start at 3.3 and work your way up.

To turn the battery on, click the button 5 times within 2 seconds.  It will flash green, which means it is on and ready to use.

For Concentrates:  To fill the Quartz wax tank, unscrew the mid-section of the battery and you will see 2 coils.  Use your dabber tool to add concentrate directly on the coils.  Once you have added your concentrate, screw the top piece back on.  Then click the button and enjoy!

For Cartridges:  This battery works with any 510 thread cartridge.  Simply take your battery and unscrew the quartz wax tank.  Inspect the thread of the battery and the cartridge thread before screwing it on.  Ensure that the threads are clean and absent of any residue.  Once you have screwed on the cartridge, click the button 5 times and then you are ready to enjoy your session!

Here are some troubleshooting techniques to try if you are having issues with your Ooze Slim Twist Pro pen:

  • Keep the connection clean –  From time to time, liquid can build up on the connection between the vape cartridge and the battery, which can affect the experience.  To prevent any issues, keep the connection clean by wiping it down with a damp cloth.
  • Blinking Green Light –
    • If your Ooze Slim Twist Pro Pen blinks green 15 times, that means that it is time to charge the battery.  Simply plug it into a USB charger and charge it for no longer than 2 hours.  Overcharging your battery will shorten the life of the battery.
    • If your Ooze Slim Twist Pro Pen blinks green 4 times, that means that there is a connectivity issue.  Try unscrewing the cartridge, cleaning it, and then screwing it back on. Be sure to clean the threads of both the cartridge and the battery to ensure there’s no residue preventing a good connection.
  • Thicker Oils – Some oils found in vape cartridges are thicker than others and require more heat in order to produce vapor.  Be sure to use the Preheat Mode and increase the temperature (battery voltage) when using thicker oils.

2 reviews for Ooze Slim Twist Pro Kit – Rainbow

  1. John316

    This is very cool works as it says I have put about 3 grams through my dab part of it and no problems at all love it thank you cannabuddy!

  2. suzie j

    It works excellent the as attended , would recommend

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