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CannaBuddy has curated a premium collection of THCH Carts for our valued customers. This cannabinoid has a reportedly stronger euphoric effect than the well known THC. THCH Vapes at a Glance: THCH vapes are relatively new to the cannabis industry, but they are making headway in a big way. Many enthusiasts have enjoyed the enhanced euphoria that THCH vapes quickly provide, as well as the extended effects. THCH is derived from the cannabis plant, turned into an isolate, and infused with the freshest terpenes to create a unique vaping experience. The effects after inhaling THCH vapes are almost instant. The euphoria washes over most cannabis users and sets them into a state of deep relaxation. THCH has been shown to decrease pain, slow reaction time, deepen sleep, and reduce inflammation. CannaBuddy’s THCH vape collection has been curated to contain only premium cannabis products. These easy-to-use and portable products are sourced from some of the finest cannapreneurs in the industry. The full range of THCH vape products is below.

What is THCH?

THCH was discovered in 2020 by the same Italian research team that identified THCB and THCP. This cannabinoid naturally occurs in a specific strain of Italian cannabis, and accounts for less than 1% of the entire plant. Now that the effects have been identified, it has been isolated and made available in vapes and gummies. Many cannabis consumers report an intense cerebral high and elongated relaxation period.

What are the Effects of THCH?

THCH can provide potential pain relief faster due to its unique molecular design. THCH has been reported to have an intense relaxing effect on the body while elevating someone’s mood. Other users have reported joy and euphoria. More information is being collected everyday, but the best way to find out the effects is to try it.

What is a THCH Vape Cartridge?

THCH vape cartridges are available as a vape cartridge that requires an external battery and disposable vapes that come with an internal battery. Both forms of THCH offer identical potential relaxation and relief as described above.

What are the Benefits of THCH Vape Cartridges?

Easy to Use: It only takes a few seconds to install a vape cartridge into a battery. As long as the battery is charged, someone can begin enjoying cannabis self-care right away.Vape cartridges are also extremely durable. Convenient: Vape cartridges can go just about anywhere. Most vape cartridges with the battery attached can fit into a pocket or purse.They are discreet and usually attract little attention when used. Enjoyable: Vape cartridges come in a wide variety of terpene flavors and cannabinoid entourage combinations. People can have a fruity flavor profile with intense relaxation or a smooth earthy note that uplifts the day.

How Do You Vape THCH?

The battery will dictate how to use the THCH vape cartridge. Once the vape cartridge is attached to the battery, either press a button to prime the THCH vape cartridge before inhaling, or begin inhaling through the mouthpiece on the vape cartridge.

What are the Best THCH Vape Carts?

Each THCH vape cart is unique. Some contain just THCH while others can be combined with different cannabinoids to create an entourage effect. Some vape cartridge combinations may contain Delta 8, Delta 11, THCV, THCP, CBD, CBG, or HHC.

Where Can You Buy THCH Products Online?

CannaBuddy has curated a premium collection of THCH vape cartridges and cannabis products for the discerning cannabis consumer. Try pairing this cannabinoid with some of our other products. Be sure to check out our complete line of cannabis products.