Urb Delta 8 / Delta 10 Gummies – Tropical Lush (1575 mg Total Delta 8 THC + 175 mg Total Delta 10 THC)

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Contains 35 pieces, each containing 45 mg of Delta 8 THC + 5 mg Delta 10 THC

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The Urb Delta 8 / Delta 10 Gummies – Tropical Lush contain 45 mg of Delta 8 THC plus 5 mg of Delta 10 THC per gummy and have delicious fruit flavors that will make you feel like you are in the tropics. Each package contains 35 gummies, for a total of 1575 mg Delta 8 THC plus 175 mg Delta 10 THC per bag. These vegan gummies can deliver a relaxing, euphoric feel with a calming body sensation. These edibles are made with flavorless distillate derived from US grown hemp, so there’s no cannabis flavor!

What is Delta 8 THC?
Delta 8 THC (D8) is one of the 100+ cannabinoids found in the cannabis, or hemp, plant. Unlike other cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG, or CBN, for example, Delta 8 THC has psychoactive effects. These psychoactive effects are similar to those of Delta 9 THC, which is what is found in higher concentrations in marijuana. Some consumers think of Delta 8 THC as marijuana’s “little brother”.

What is Delta 10 THC?
Delta 10 THC is one of the 100+ cannabinoids found in the cannabis, or hemp, plant. Like other cannabinoids, it interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system to produce a psychotropic effect. Delta 10 THC interacts with the nervous system similarly to other cannabinoids like Delta 8 THC, Delta 9 THC, Delta 6a10a THC, and HHC, to produce an uplifting, euphoric effect with increased focus and energy. Consumers compare its effects to the Sativa-dominant strains of cannabis. Delta 10 THC is also known for its anxiolytic (anti-anxiety), antiemetic (anti-nausea), analgesic (pain relieving), orexigenic (appetite stimulant) and neuroprotective properties.

Many consumers report that both Delta 8 and Delta 10 THC give them an overall sense of well-being because the CB1 and C2B cannabinoid receptors involved are associated with homeostasis (the body’s natural resting state). These cannabinoids have also been reported by consumers to provide energizing effects, giving you more creativity and perspective.

A few more benefits for Delta 8 THC and Delta 10 THC may include:

  • Anxiety management
  • Stress relief
  • Feelings of relaxation
  • Mental euphoria
  • Feelings of motivation
  • Pain relief
  • Appetite stimulation
  • People who have low tolerance for Delta 9 THC
  • Relief from nausea or lack of appetite
  • Menstrual pain and cramping relief
  • Hangover relief

Suggested Use:
Gummies and other edibles absorb through the digestive process, and 10 mg to 25 mg per dose is standard. It is recommended to start with 1/2 a gummy when you begin taking this product to see how it effects you. It could take up to 2 hours before you feel the effects, so wait before taking more.  “Start low and go slow.”

Sugar, Tapioca Syrup, Flavorings, Colors, Water, Pectin, Citric Acid, Delta 8 & Delta 10 Distillate Blend

Nutritional Facts:
Serving Size – 1/2 Piece
Servings per Container – 35
Hemp Derived Delta 8 THC Content – 1575 mg
Hemp Derived Delta 10 THC Content – 175 mg
Calories – 5
Total Carbohydrates – 1.5 g
Sugars – 1 g

Product Lab Results:
Urb Delta 8 Delta 10 Gummies – Tropical Lush (1575 mg Total Delta 8 THC + 175 mg Total Delta 10 THC) COA

5 reviews for Urb Delta 8 / Delta 10 Gummies – Tropical Lush (1575 mg Total Delta 8 THC + 175 mg Total Delta 10 THC)

  1. Marshall Y

    One of my favorites. Very relaxing vibe.

  2. Cristina S

    Work great! I personally don’t even need a full half of one yet to get the effects I want. If I take half, I get couch locked. I do these once or twice a week. A bag lasts me a few months at my rate of consumption, so the price really cannot be beat.

    The flavor is very much “weed”, but that’s not a bad thing to me.

    The packaging is beautiful and I like the super secure pinch seal and thick bag.

  3. KillaHaze420

    Fantastic product and a great value, especially compared to local dispensaries! These are tasty, potent and long lasting! I am a connoisseur of edibles and I consider myself a master of creating homemade edibles. These edibles are top notch ! Love them!

  4. Mary M

    Strawnana Smoothie was my go-to flavor until I tried this one. If you’re a fan of the Urb gummies and haven’t tried this flavor, I definitely recommend it!

  5. Cheryl S

    Pleasant, uplifting, mellow. Not so strong as to be incapacitating. Also comes with a lot in the bag so a good value. Tastes like a pina colada slurpee. Recommended.

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