3Chi Delta 8 Tincture (1200 mg Delta 8 THC)

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The 3Chi Delta 8 Tincture is a great way to enjoy the benefits of Delta 8 THC (D8).  This tincture contains a broad-spectrum hemp extract, Delta 8 THC, other cannabinoids (e.g. CBD, CBC, CBN, CBDv, CBG, etc.), and terpenes for maximum effectiveness.

What is Delta 8 THC?
Delta 8 THC is another cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant, but unlike CBD, Delta 8 THC can have psychoactive effects, similar to Delta 9 THC (which is what is found in marijuana).

Many consumers report that Delta 8 THC gives them an overall sense of well-being because the CB1 and C2B cannabinoid receptors involved are associated with homeostasis (the body’s natural resting state). Other users of Delta 8 THC have reported feeling relaxed, energized, and clear headed. Some have even mentioned that Delta 8 THC has eliminated forms of nausea that come from alcohol hangovers.

Even more impressive, some research suggests that Delta 8 THC helps individuals produce Acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter responsible for cognition, memory, arousal, and neuroplasticity. A few more benefits for Delta 8 THC may include:

  • Anxiety management
  • People who’ve had little relief from CBD
  • People who have low tolerance for Delta 9 THC
  • Relief from nausea or lack of appetite
  • Menstrual pain and cramping relief
  • Hangover relief
  • People who suffer from a low libido

Suggested Use:
Suggested that consumers start with a full dropper to judge effectiveness before consuming larger quantities.  Not for consumption by minors, those that are pregnant, or operating heavy equipment.

Contains Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract, Hemp-Derived Delta 8 THC, and Terpenes in MCT Oil (Fractionated Coconut Oil)

Product Lab Results:
3Chi Delta-8 Tincture (1200 mg Delta-8-THC) COA

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34 reviews for 3Chi Delta 8 Tincture (1200 mg Delta 8 THC)

  1. sparks7401

    Helps with sleep, anxiety, chronic back pain and neuropathy. Very subtle “high” effect. Still supplement with hydrocodone for pain, but not watching the clock. Decreased my doses from 4/d to 3/d; may not sound like much, but it is to me. I sleep 6-8 hrs instead of waking up every 2-3. No interference with function when I take during the day. Improved my libido; low due to anti-depressants. Tolerating the oily/terpene taste worth it!

  2. Damon D

    If you want help sleeping take this 1-2 hours before bed. This oil takes a little while to sneak in but it totally does the trick to help with sleep.

  3. sotojosh

    worked great the first time but after that was not sure because of the time to take effect. will try it again without anything else. I use with my tea and mct oil to absorb it.

  4. Jillyj

    Love this tincture, I sleep so well, nice deep, sound sleep. Very relaxing. Great product.

  5. Marina B

    This product is great for my fiancés anxiety and stress. It also works well for my chronic leg pain. Great service and quick shipping as well.

  6. jlee474

    I don’t like it. I don’t care for the taste, not sure why people even bother mentioning taste; it’s a tincture not food.
    Problem #1 — takes too long for the effect. It can take 2+ hours for the onset. This is problematic often logistically for my busy schedule. I don’t want to consume this when I have to drive.
    Problem #2 — effect lasts too long. It took almost 24 hours from the initial dose to feeling back normal. Again problematic logistically with my busy schedule and work, can’t work with mind altering substance obviously.
    Problem #3 — makes me feel nauseous. This will vary depending on the individual.

  7. Aida S

    First of all, this was fast shipping. The product is excellent. I used to take gummies, however, this product is great and helps me to relax and have great sleep quality.

  8. Thomas P

    I find this product helpful for IBD and fibromyalgia.

  9. Christoph H

    Disclaimer: That is what I experience. YMMV. It takes the edge off anxiety a bit. I did not experience much difference between 0.5 and 1.25 ml. No “high.” No bad side effects. IMHO worth a try..

  10. Emilie A

    Great for anxiety. Will definitely buy this one again.

  11. Thomas P

    I find delta 8 helpful for managing pain and tension issues.

  12. itsgraceellen

    I didn’t love this. It was simply alright for me. The taste was fine, just keep it under your tongue and drink water after swallowing. I found that the combination of various substances like different THC strains and CBD doesn’t work well for me (aka the entourage effect). Others seem to enjoy it, so it might just be how they all affect me personally. (As always, I love Cannabuddy and believe the brands they sell are doing their best to create a good experience for their customers. I leave my reviews to share my experience with others, which may be different from yours!)

  13. Jonny S.

    This stuff is great. It makes you feel nice. I find it brings a feeling of wellbeing and a bit of energy. I will buy this again. Great stuff.

  14. Patrick G.

    I have not been disappointed in any of Cannabuddy products. This product is very effective for anxiety and insomnia.

  15. Jenny S.

    Great for anxiety! Stopped a panic attack I was having in 10 minutes.

  16. Murrell72

    Increased feeling of well-being and positive attitude. With just right amount of happy.

  17. Carla P.

    Works to take the edge off after a long stressful day. Helps me get a good night’s sleep too.

  18. Mita L.

    Love this stuff! Really relaxes me! Helps me sleep at the night, all night!!

  19. thearcofdallas

    Excellent quality (it works) and value. (New to Delta-8)

  20. Jimmy H.

    Has really helped me sleep throughout the night without waking up every 2 hours. Great product!

  21. Chuckle

    With all the concerns about Delta 8, you can be confident about Cannabuddy and 3Chi for quality and safety. Excellent products!

  22. Kelly S.

    I used these drops to relax during the day. I did find that I had to increase my dose after taking for a couple weeks. The taste is good compared to other drops I’ve used.

  23. Yvonne K.

    Very relaxing and works quickly. Has an odd taste, but all tincture kind of have that thin fish oil feel. Will order again.

  24. James L.

    Works great with my sleep issues

  25. Anthony B

    Very relaxing, long-lasting in my experience. One dropper-full does the job. Good price.

  26. EUGENE C.

    Very good for sleeping and stress relief.

  27. Ana W.

    To be honest I have anxiety and since I’ve tried their products, I’ve noticed I don’t take my Lorazepam as often..

  28. Ana W.

    Anxiety and my insomnia is damn near nonexistent!

  29. Heather

    It has a weird taste and feel in your mouth but u get used to it pretty fast and it’s well worth it. Great product

  30. Robert H

    Good product, eases tension, helps me sleep. I’ll buy it again.

  31. Robert S

    New to Delta8. I’m looking for something to ‘ease’ the day in. Really enjoy this Tincture, does everything I want it to. Def a next recommendation to my Vet Friends.

  32. Jacob C

    Gets you high and helps with sleep slightly, but does not help with my pain/inflammation, like normal cannabis/thc does.

  33. R.F.

    I nice mild “high”, I recommend a full dropper to get the full effect.

  34. Sarah B

    Works great for insomnia and muscle tension, just a dropper full and you will sleep solid for a few hours, but no dopey feelings

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