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Outdoor-grown cannabis used to be the only flower available. As time passed and technology advanced, quite a bit of cannabis is now grown indoors. Everything from the amount of light and water to the nutrients in the soil can be controlled to produce very potent strains. While these are impressive flowers, many operations are not organic, nor are they using full-spectrum sunlight. These indoor grow operations use chemicals and pesticides from the USDA-banned list. And, no matter how hard technology tries it can’t reproduce the full spectrum of light that the sun produces. Some nutrients and microbes can only be found in natural soil that support the development of the full spectrum of flavors in cannabis flowers.  

Benefits of USDA Certified Organic Sun Grown NC THCa Flower

Some people can immediately tell the difference between outdoor and indoor-grown cannabis. Due to their unique benefits, these strains have a dedicated group of cannabis enthusiasts.   

Full-Spectrum of Flavor

Many cannabis connoisseurs find outdoor-grown cannabis to be earthier and have a stronger flavor profile than indoor-grown cannabis. This full spectrum of flavor is more complex because of all the naturally occurring environmental conditions. 

Larger Buds

Cannabis grown outdoors can grow up to twice the size of indoor grown. They are also a little less dense with darker leaves. This makes it easy to break up or grind it up. As an extra bonus, it also takes less energy to grow these. So, the farm’s carbon footprint is significantly smaller.  

Unique Psychoactivity

With a fuller flavor and rich aroma, many enthusiasts report that sun grown cannabis has a unique psychoactive effect. Some even report this feeling to be more relaxing than indoor grown and not quite as cerebrally intense. 

Steps to Becoming USDA Certified Organic

THCa flower farm
Sun Grown THCa Flower Has a Full-Spectrum Flavor

This is a five step certification system that verifies farmers comply with USDA Organic Regulations. As part of the transition period, a farmer can not apply any of the prohibited substances on their land for 36 months before starting the certification process. 

 Step 1: Develop an Organic System Plan

The organic system plan is created by the farmer seeking the certification. This document details how they will comply with the USDA regulations based on the unique characteristics of the farm. Tilling, grazing, storing, transporting, record keeping, and more are all part of the organic system plan. Once it is drafted, the farmer then applies for the USDA certification and selects a USDA-accredited certifying agent

Step 2: Implement the System and Have it Reviewed

Once the organic system plan is implemented, it needs to be reviewed and approved. The certifying agents are private, foreign or State entities accredited by the USDA. After the certifying agent approves the plan, they will schedule an inspector to visit the farm. 

Step 3: Inspection of Farm

The inspector will review the field, soil conditions, crop health, management of weeds and other pests, water systems, storage areas, and equipment. They will also analyze potential hazards and critical control points to make sure procedures prevent contamination from banned substances. 

Step 4: Certifying Agent Reviews Inspection Card

The inspector presents all findings to the certifying agent. These findings detail how the farm is following the organic system plan that was submitted. 

Step 5: Organic Certification is Issued

If the farm is found to be in compliance with all USDA organic regulation, the official organic certification is issued and products can be labeled as organic. An annual inspection and review is conducted to maintain the organic certification. 

CannaBuddy has 5 Strains of USDA Certified Organic Sun Grown NC THCa Flower

Runtz, Oreoz, Amnesia Haze, Strawberry, and Watermelon Kush are all CannaBuddy Exclusives. These USDA Organic Certified and North Carolina State Organic Certified buds can’t be found anywhere else. They were grown in the nutrient-rich North Carolina soil and bloomed under natural sunlight. Once one or all is in the cart, be sure to check out the rest of our cannabis product line

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