Properly Storing Delta 9, Delta 8, and Other Cannabis Edibles Maintains Potency

Edibles are a tasty and convenient way to enjoy delta 8, delta 9, and many other cannabinoids. They can be enjoyed just about anywhere and most people think it’s just another dessert. Whether it’s a cookie, a brownie, gummies, or a cereal bar, storing delta 9, delta 8, and other  cannabis edibles needs to be done properly. If not, they can go stale, lose potency, and even begin to mold. If that happens, the edibles should not be consumed. They will no longer be psychoactive and could potentially make someone sick.   

Storing Delta 9 Edibles Properly
Storing Delta 9 Edibles Properly is Essential to Maintain Potency

Storing Delta 9 and Other Cannabis Edibles in the Short Term (2 Weeks – 1 Month)

Even if the factory seal is intact, storing delta 9 and other cannabis and THC edibles correctly is very important. All edible products are susceptible to heat, air, and sunlight. Once exposed to any of these elements, the quality of the baked goods and the consistency – as well as the potency – of Delta 9 can be compromised.  

1. Store Edibles in Dark, Cool, and Dry Spaces

Heat from sun rays can be detrimental to the quality of any cannabis derived baked goods. The cannabinoids  will decarboxylate and will be degraded in their efficacy. Decarboxylation, or the process that releases the psychoactivity, usually happens inside the stomach.  While the baked goods still might taste good, edibles heated by the sun will not create any kind of psychoactive effect. Water will also destroy any baked goods, and could potentially contaminate them. 

For optimal effect, Delta 9, Delta 8 THC, or any other cannabis containing edibles need to be stored in cool (between 60° – 70° F), dark, and dry spaces. Inside of a cupboard or the refrigerator is ideal. 

2. Use Containers with an Airtight Seal

Exposure to the ambient air can cause any baked goods to go stale. While, this may not affect the THC  in the treat, it can affect the taste and enjoyability. Any treat that tastes bad or is too hard for the teeth could be considered a waste of money. 

For moist, delicious, and effective cannabis edibles, always store them in an airtight container. Ziploc bags can be used for short term storage, but an airtight sealable plastic container is best for storage beyond two weeks.   

3. Keep All Edibles Indoors

Cannabis edibles do not do well in outdoor environments, even in airtight containers inside a shed. Temperature, humidity, and light changes can cause cannabinoids to destabilize. When Delta 9 gummies are left outdoors, they tend to melt or become extremely sticky even in moderate temperatures. 

Storing Delta 9 and Other THC Edibles for the Long Term (More than 1 Month)

airtight cannabis container
Remember to Use Airtight Containers for Long-Term Delta 9 Storage

Sometimes a deal is just too good to pass up, and there may come a time when that cannabis supply can last two months or more. For those instances, be sure to follow all the tips listed above while keeping the following ones in mind. 

1. Storing Edibles in the Freezer is Ideal

Even if edibles are stored in a cool, dry place, edibles that contain milk and eggs can go bad after just a few months. The potency of the edible also begins to diminish after a couple of months and the psychoactive effects may not be as intense as a fresh edible.

For long term storage, the freezer will be the ideal place to store them. By freezing the edibles, the shelf life of the ingredients will be extended along with the cannabinoids potency. Brownies and cereal bars can be frozen for up to three months. Cookies can be frozen for up to six months. Gummies and candies can be frozen for a year or more and will be as potent as the day they were purchased. 

2. Use Airtight Containers

Remember to store all edibles in an airtight container. The air inside a freezer is no different than the air outside. It can cause edibles to go stale and become difficult to eat or enjoy.

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