Snapdragon THCa Live Resin Concentrate – Magic Mountain (3.5 grams THCa)

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The Snapdragon THCa Live Resin Concentrate – Magic Mountain (3.5 grams THCa) has been tested at 85% THCa and uses a BHO (Butane Hash Oil) extraction method, which preserves the flavorful terpenes, including Caryophyllene, Humulene, Limonene, and Linalool.  This THCa concentrate is perfect for dabbing, vaporizing, topping flower bowls, or mixing directly for a tincture or edible. The consistency of this concentrate is easy to work with and is often like a sugary wax. The consistency, however, can range from sauce, wax, sugar, or crumble depending on batch and terpene concentration. The physical texture may vary per order, but the potency and flavor are always guaranteed.  Each jar contains 3.5 grams of Live Resin THCa concentrate.  This concentrate is high in potential Delta 9 THC (e.g. THCa) which is converted to actual Delta 9 THC when decarboxylated, or heated.

Magic Mountain Strain Profile:
Phenotype:  Indica-Dominant Hybrid
Effects:  Relaxation, Sedation
Flavor:  Cinnamon, Hops, Lime, Lavender, Floral

Cannabinoid Profile:
Delta 9 THCa:  85%

Terpene Profile:
Bisabolol:  0.28%
Camphene:  0.06%
Caryophyllene:  3.59%
Humulene:  1.13%
Limonene:  0.55%
Linalool:  0.34%
Pinene:  0.15%
Terpinolene:  0.03%

What is THCa?
THCa, or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, is one of the major cannabinoids found in the cannabis, or hemp, plant. THCa is unlike other cannabinoids in that it doesn’t produce a psychotropic effect when ingested, but rather when heated through a process called decarboxylation. Decarboxylation, or “decarbing” for short, converts some of the available THCa to Delta 9 THC which produces the traditional “high” associated with marijuana. Delta 9 interacts with the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system similarly to other cannabinoids like Delta 8 THCDelta 10 THCDelta 6a10a THC, and HHC, to produce an uplifting, euphoric effect with increased focus and energy. Delta 9 THC is also known for its anxiolytic (anti-anxiety), antiemetic (anti-nausea), analgesic (pain relieving), orexigenic (appetite stimulant) and neuroprotective properties.

Delta 9 THC has been reported by consumers to provide energizing effects, giving you more creativity and perspective. Some common benefits of hemp-derived Delta 9 THC may include:

  • Mental euphoria
  • Feelings of motivation
  • Increased energy
  • Increased mood
  • Feelings of relaxation
  • Stress relief
  • Pain relief
  • Appetite stimulation
  • Neuroprotective properties

Suggested Use:
Consume as needed
Serving Size: 1 puff
Servings per unit: Varies

3.5 grams of THCa concentrate, Live Resin

Product Lab Results:
Snapdragon THCa Live Resin Concentrate – Magic Mountain (3.5 grams THCa) COA
Snapdragon THCa Live Resin Concentrate – Magic Mountain (3.5 grams THCa) Terpene Profile COA

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7 reviews for Snapdragon THCa Live Resin Concentrate – Magic Mountain (3.5 grams THCa)

  1. jamie420

    Wow, this stuff is fantastic ! Lemony heaven !!! I will get more !!!

  2. Jennifer

    Super smooth, great feeling afterwards. Really like how this one isn’t a sauce type and super sticky. Super easy to use!

  3. wylie

    Exactly what is pictured and stated it is. Dryish THCa wax (which I personally prefer) a tasty terp profile and a great vibe after. Will be back for more!

  4. Dakota K

    Straight fire


    Looks just like the pic and is potent. Very fast shipping as always.

  6. kam2395


  7. ruben19amaya

    Great product. Ships as advertised.

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