Delta-8-THC Infused Sour Space Candy Flower

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Our Delta-8-THC Infused Sour Space Candy Flower is a delicious way to smoke Delta-8-THC (D8). Delta-8-THC is another cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant, but unlike CBD, Delta-8-THC can have psychoactive effects, similar to Delta-9-THC (which is what is found in marijuana).  Made from US grown hemp that has been infused with Delta-8-THC isolate and natural terpenes to deliver a smooth and satisfying smoke. Contains 8.4% CBD and and whopping 31.1% Delta-8-THC!

Many consumers report that Delta-8-THC gives them an overall sense of well-being because the CB1 and C2B cannabinoid receptors involved are associated with homeostasis (the body’s natural resting state). Other users of Delta-8-THC have reported feeling relaxed, energized, and clear headed. Some have even mentioned that Delta-8-THC has eliminated forms of nausea that come from alcohol hangovers.

Even more impressive, some research suggests that Delta-8-THC helps individuals produce Acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter responsible for cognition, memory, arousal, and neuroplasticity. A few more benefits for Delta-8-THC may include:

  • Anxiety management
  • People who’ve had little relief from CBD
  • People who have low tolerance for Delta-9-THC
  • Relief from nausea or lack of appetite
  • Menstrual pain and cramping relief
  • Hangover relief
  • People who suffer from a low libido

Suggested Use:
Consume as needed
Serving Size: 1 puff
Servings per Unit: Varies

Delta-8-THC Infused Hemp Flower (Contains 8.4% CBD and 31.1% Delta-8-THC), Natural Terpenes

Lab Results:
Certificate of Analysis (COA)

22 reviews for Delta-8-THC Infused Sour Space Candy Flower

  1. Chris W.

    Loved the quick shipping, and great service. I really like the smell and taste of this one! I have noticed some of this Delta 8 infused stuff just burns and smokes really bad. This burned great and tasted great too. I like the packaging. You cannot smell a thing through the package at all. I rec’d this much quicker than I get stuff from other places that I have tried. I have been to a lot of places trying to find the right product at the right price and I gotta say:
    Thank you CannaBuddy! I am for sure a regular customer now!!

  2. Timothy Hill

    Really nice flower. The packaging does leak a little bit of the smell but that doesn’t really matter to me. Very tasty just like the blackberry haze.

  3. Robert O

    This was the first Delt 8 bud I ever tried and it’s was really good.

  4. Emily B

    Good quality, fast delivery, would recommend


    My favorite strain. Best customer service around. Fast shipping and processing.

  6. Kailey D

    Very Quick Shipping! The quality definitely speaks for itself. I’m very impressed & I will be a regular consumer from this day forward.

  7. Zeus

    Product shipped same day. Impressive service. I enjoyed the flower, very calming.

  8. Alex95

    Great quality and fast shipping.

  9. Jennifer E

    I love this strain! Great quality and fast delivery. I would highly recommend this to anyone who loves indica-dominant strains

  10. dkwwright

    It’s all good…pull the trigger on this one….you won’t regret it…

  11. Ronald

    Very good product with good effects. Burns slow and has a nice skunk smell. Will definitely buy again.

  12. Alex95

    Very potent flower.

  13. Shaquitia D

    My first time trying it it’s firee

  14. Daniel L

    I’ve tried all of the flavors now. This is my favorite and hits the neuro pathways just right.

  15. dkwwright

    Its all good….great shipping and best customer service I’ve had(not to mention the product)…

  16. Archie G

    Its nice buy it!!!!

  17. Corinne J

    One of the best I have found that works for me. Very nice taste…buying more for sure.

  18. William D

    This is an awesome product. I’ll definitely be buying more!

  19. Clint_Yeetswood

    For delta 8, it’s really strong flower. Usually delta 8 flower does next to nothing for me, but this sent me after about a gram. Great flavor, very smooth, and the packaging was great. My packaging smelled, but my theory is that a cop tried to search it in transit haha.

  20. Jacob P.

    Wonderful product and yet another great usage!

  21. Nina

    Amazing! Helps me relax without being so strong like delta 9. Everyone should try this.. I will be buying again soon.

  22. Corinne J.

    I have bought this several times. Love the feeling….need it medically. Nice to feel better without being totally stoned.

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