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Ensure a discreet uncompromised vaping experience with CCELL Palm Vape Battery – Gold. Enjoy a distinct, palm-fitting design that houses a 500 mAh capacity and runs at 3.7v creating a potent flavorful inhale every time. This dazzling metallic gold cart battery is inhale-activated with a standard 510 thread. Magnetic connections make using a 0.5-milliliter or 1-milliliter cartridge a snap.

CCELL uses advanced technologies and reliable materials to create high-quality products. These cart batteries have passed strict safety and stability tests, including capacity, impact, and heating. This has earned CCELL several safety certifications from authoritative quality systems.

Each box contains one 500 mAh capacity 3.7v battery, a magnetic thread adapter for a 0.5-milliliter cartridge, a magnetic thread adapter for a 1-milliliter cartridge, and a USB charging cord. Every battery is housed in aluminum alloy and equipped with a built-in stealth LED breathing indicator. Factory tests are conducted on all batteries to ensure quality and efficacy.

Several consumers have reported that the CCELL Palm is convenient to carry and performs reliably. Many enthusiasts say they can go two or three days without having to charge this cart battery, getting as many as 250 puffs. Many enjoy the partial oil view saying it helps to keep tabs on the oil amount while protecting the cartridge. Other benefits of the CCELL Palm Vape Battery include:

  • Fast charge time
  • Easy to use
  • No cleaning
  • Portable
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What is a Cart Battery?
A cart battery attaches to a vape cartridge that is usually filled with one or multiple cannabinoids, such as Delta 10, Delta 11, HHC, or THCH. Some batteries attach directly to the vape cartridge via a 510 thread connection. Other batteries require a small metal threaded connection. After being attached to the cartridge, this piece magnetizes to the cart battery. Each battery uses lithium-ion, which is designed to charge quicker and retain more energy even in small sizes. Once charged, consumers need only to press the button and hold it for three seconds on a button-activated battery for it to work. In the case of an inhale-activated battery, consumers need only to begin inhaling.

How Long Does it Take a Cart Battery to Charge?
Most cart batteries do charge fairly quickly, but the initial charge of a newly purchased battery can take one to two hours. Subsequent charges will take less time. However, depending on how depleted the battery is, a charge may still take up to an hour.

Can I Use a Cart Without a Battery?
Several different hacks are available on the internet. Do not try any of them. Those methods can harm the consumer and those around them, not to mention the cart could break. Vape cartridges are designed to be used with a cart battery only.

What is a 510 Battery?
A 510 battery is any battery that has 510 threading as the connection. This is the standardized threading style used by many industry leaders. Almost all vape cartridges and vape battery connections use this threading.



  • CCELL Palm Vape Battery
  • 2 Magnetic 510 Adapters
  • 1 USB Charging Cable

Start by charging the battery with the included USB cord. While the battery is charging, the LED light will be on and steady.

You can tell when the battery is low when the indicator light blinks 10 times. If you don’t charge it soon, it will stop working until it’s been charged. When fully charged, the indicator light will blink 15 times and turn off. Charging time is 1 hour. Avoid overcharging the battery to preserve its life.

You’ll connect your 510 vape cartridge to the CCELL Palm using one of the included magnetic adapters. Screw the magnetic adapter to the bottom of the vape cartridge. You can now insert the cartridge with the magnetic adapter into the battery.

Once your cartridge has been inserted, you can begin using your device. It’s activated by your breath, so you don’t even need to hit the power button. Simply bring the vape to your lips and inhale. The LED at the top of the battery will light up and begin to vaporize the oil in your cartridge.

Please note, the CCELL Palm Vape Battery is not compatible with the Mellow Fellow 2 gram vape cartridges.

If you have any issues using the CCELL Palm Vape Battery, try these tips:

  • If the battery isn’t charging, try plugging it into a computer. It’s not compatible with all wall adapters. If this doesn’t work, check for debris inside the charging port or replace the USB cable.
  • If you’re not able to inhale from the cartridge, make sure the magnetic adapter is securely attached to the bottom of the cartridge. If this doesn’t work, check to make sure the cartridge isn’t leaking and is working properly. Try replacing it with a different cartridge.
  • If you can’t puff from the cartridge due to poor airflow, it may be clogged. Try puffing gently a few times to warm the cartridge and loosen thick oil. Tap the cartridge to remove any air bubbles or run a pin or bent paper clip through its central air channel to remove any clogs. If this doesn’t work, try a different cartridge.

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