Lux Botanics Naga’s Nectar 333 mg Vape Cartridge

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333mg or 555mg High CBD Distillate per 1ml Cartridge

Our Lux Botanics vape products are crafted from hemp flowers grown organically in Asheville, NC. We infuse high quality organic coconut MCT oil with our full spectrum distillate/CBD Isolate blend at a concentration, which produces one of the cleanest and most potent hemp oil vapes available. We blend back in some of the original cannabis terpenes that we collected during distillation, and we add plant derived terpenes for further flavor and therapeutic effects.

This vape concentrate is loaded into high quality ceramic cell glass cartridges that are refillable. They have standard 510 threading for use with a wide range of batteries.

High (>80%) CBD North Carolina Hemp Distillate, Organic MCT Oil, Plant-Derived Terpenes

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