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Contains 15 pieces, each containing 10 mg of Delta 9 THC and 3 mg of CBD live rosin.

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Fresh, full-spectrum cannabis flavor is packed into every one of the Haygood Delta 9 Live Rosin Gummies – Pineapple. These mouth-watering gummies are made from the freshest high-quality cannabis and combined with the fruit of the islands. Each gummy has four grams of sugar and only twenty-two calories. So, each bite will be a delight without a second thought.

Haygood starts with premium fresh flower that is grown on their farm in Tennessee. It is flash-frozen and pressed into live rosin. This top-shelf concentrate preserves the entire terpene profile of the cannabis plant. It is then combined with a Delta 9 isolate and added to the gummies. This combination promotes a mood state that is often described as intensely cerebral and clear-headed.

Each 1.8 ounce bag contains 10 gummies that each contain 10 milligrams of Delta 9 and live rosin terpenes. These gummies are made with full-spectrum distillates and live rosin derived from US-grown hemp, so expect an enjoyably fresh cannabis flavor!

A wide range of effects, including relaxation, calm, elevated mood, and intense psychoactive effects from the Delta 9, has been reported by many. The live rosin is believed to support a sense of calm while enhancing pain relief, anti-inflammation, and deeper sleep. Some common benefits of this unique gummy include:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Pain relief
  • Social anxiety reduction
  • Increased energy
  • Strong focus
  • Relaxed mood

Cannabinoid Profile (Package Total):

Delta 9 THC 150 mg +
CBD Live Rosin  45 mg +
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What is Live Rosin?
Live rosin is a high-quality cannabis concentrate that uses only ice, water, and screens in the extraction process. No solvents, such as butane, are used. Live rosin is known for its strong euphoric effect and intense terpene flavor. Many say the flavor profiles match the cannabis plant from which the concentrates are derived. The process of crafting live rosin begins with fresh flash-frozen flower. Any cannabis product that uses this kind of flower as its base is referred to as ‘live.’

What are the Effects of Live Rosin?
The effects of live rosin have been reported to be intensely psychoactive which leads to very strong relaxation. It is flash-freezing the fresh plants that preserve all of the cannabinoids and terpenes that give live rosin its strong concentration levels and effects.

What are Live Rosin Gummies?
Live rosin gummies have been made using a live rosin concentrate. These gummies are best known for their intensely fresh, full-spectrum cannabis flavor.

Do Live Rosin Gummies Get You “High”?
Due to the high concentration of THC or THCa in live rosin, eating just half of a live rosin gummy should induce euphoric effects for most. It is recommended to wait thirty minutes to feel these effects before consuming the other half to see if the desired effect is achieved. Caution is advised when consuming a high-potency product like live rosin gummies.

What are the Benefits of Live Rosin Gummies?

  • Easy to Use: Live rosin gummies can be enjoyed as soon as someone gets home. No cooking. Just open the bag.
  • Convenient: Every bag of live rosin gummies will fit into a backpack or purse. One or two pieces can be wrapped in plastic and placed in a small pocket. Live rosin gummies can go just about anywhere.
  • Enjoyable: Live rosin gummies are available in a wide variety of terpene and cannabinoid combinations. There are citrus profiles with intense relaxation or smooth blueberry ones that uplift the day.

What are the Best Live Rosin Gummies?
Live rosin gummies contain various amounts of live rosin and Delta 9 THC. The best live rosin gummy is the one you think has the best gummy and terpene flavor combination plus the gummy with the amount of live rosin and Delta 9 to achieve the effects you are going for. Try all of them to determine which is the best for you.

How Many Live Rosin Gummies Should I Eat?
Those who are new to cannabis should start by eating just a quarter or a half of a live rosin gummy. Wait thirty minutes to an hour, and if nothing is felt, eat the next quarter or the other half. If nothing is still felt after thirty minutes, continue consuming one-quarter or one-half every thirty minutes until the desired effect is felt.

Where Can You Buy Live Rosin Gummies Online?
CannaBuddy has collected a premium line of live rosin gummies for new and experienced cannabis enthusiasts. After deciding on which live rosin flavor to try, check out our full cannabis product line.


Suggested Use:
Start with half a gummy and chew thoroughly before swallowing.  Allow 4-6 hours for effects to take place.

Store in a cool, dry place and avoid exposure to extreme temperatures.

Organic tapioca syrup, cane sugar, RO water, pectin, natural flavors, natural mixed berry flavor, 10 mg hemp derived Delta 9 THC, 3 mg CBD live rosin, natural bitterness blocker, citric acid, natural vanilla bean, and natural colors.

Nutritional Facts:
Servings per Container – 20
Serving Size – 1/2 Gummy

Amount per Serving:
Calories – 11
Total Carbohydrates – 2 g
Sugars – 2 g
Includes Added Sugars – 2 g
Delta 9 THC – 10 mg
CBD Live Rosin – 3 mg

Product Lab Results:
Haygood Delta 9 Live Rosin Gummies – Pineapple COA

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