Delta-8-THC Infused Pinewalker Flower

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Our Delta-8-THC Infused Pinewalker Flower is a delicious way to smoke Delta-8-THC (D8). Delta-8-THC is another cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant, but unlike CBD, Delta-8-THC can have psychoactive effects, similar to Delta-9-THC (which is what is found in marijuana).  Made from US grown hemp that has been infused with Delta-8-THC isolate and natural terpenes to deliver a smooth and satisfying smoke. Contains 10.1% CBD and 7.03% Delta-8-THC!

Many consumers report that Delta-8-THC gives them an overall sense of well-being because the CB1 and C2B cannabinoid receptors involved are associated with homeostasis (the body’s natural resting state). Other users of Delta-8-THC have reported feeling relaxed, energized, and clear headed. Some have even mentioned that Delta-8-THC has eliminated forms of nausea that come from alcohol hangovers.

Even more impressive, some research suggests that Delta-8-THC helps individuals produce Acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter responsible for cognition, memory, arousal, and neuroplasticity. A few more benefits for Delta-8-THC may include:

  • Anxiety management
  • People who’ve had little relief from CBD
  • People who have low tolerance for Delta-9-THC
  • Relief from nausea or lack of appetite
  • Menstrual pain and cramping relief
  • Hangover relief
  • People who suffer from a low libido

Suggested Use:
Consume as needed
Serving Size: 1 puff
Servings per Unit: Varies

Delta-8-THC Infused Hemp Flower (Contains 10.1% CBD and 7.03% Delta-8-THC), Natural Terpenes

Product Lab Results:
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1 review for Delta-8-THC Infused Pinewalker Flower

  1. Jmac191

    1 Star for this product BUT 5 stars for the company.
    Absolutely the worst thing I’ve ever smoked in my life. In some states cannabis is still illegal, people may look towards this (Infused Hemp Flower) as a substitute. DO NOT. Just get the vape stuff. The gummies and tincture don’t work for me either for whatever reason. This tasted horrible, powered through 3 full bowls and nothing. I really should have only gotten a gram instead of 28, I had high hopes and all this did was crash and burn. I’ll never order hemp infused flower from anywhere again. It really is nothing against you CannaBuddy, props for being in the field and making progress in the good fight for us. It’s just… That ish was horrible.

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