CCELL Palm Vape Battery Kit – Black

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The CCELL Palm Battery – Black is a great source of power to go with any vape cartridge. This battery is made of aluminum alloy housing and features a magnetic connector with a built-in 510 thread. Breathe in and a LED will shine when it’s in use. Works with all vape cartridges with a 510 thread. This product has a singular, consistent heat setting with no preheat capability.

Product Details:

  • Features:  500 mAh, compatible with micro USB adapters
  • Material:  Aluminum alloy housing
  • Dimensions:  42 mm x 55 mm x 8.9 mm
  • Color:  Black
  • Capacity:  500 mAh
  • Threading:  Standard 510
  • Use with:  Oils, Concentrates
  • Breath Activated
  • Magnetic Connection

CCELL Palm Battery Instructions:
The CCELL Palm Battery is easy to use and has a 510 thread count, making it compatible with most vape cartridges on the market.

  1.  Charge the battery.  Before use, make sure the battery is charged and ready to go.  The kit comes with a charging chord that is USB compatible.  While charging, the LED indicator light should be on continuously.  When fully charged, the LED indicator light will blink 20 times, then go off.  You will know that the battery is running low when the LED indicator blinks 10 times, then goes off and the battery will stop working.  Charging time is 1 hour.  Please do not overcharge the battery as overcharging the battery will shorten the life of it.
  2. Inserting the vape cartridge.  The CCELL Palm Battery Kit comes with a magnetic adapter.  Simply screw the magnetic adapter to the bottom of the vape cartridge.  Insert the cartridge, with the magnetic adapter attached, into the battery.  It’s that simple!
  3. Ready to use!  The CCELL Palm Battery is ready to use!  Just inhale.  There are no buttons to push.

1 review for CCELL Palm Vape Battery Kit – Black

  1. VannaM

    This is perfect for those looking for a constant, instant hit, I love ooze pens but this is pre set perfectly heat wise, if you’re looking for something better than ooze, in my opinion this is the perfect upgrade.

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