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Our CBD Flower – Sour Space Candy is a hybrid strain of cannabis bred by Oregon CBD and grown in North Carolina. Sour Space Candy is a CBD-dominant cultivar that crosses Sour Tsunami with Early Resin Berry. The CBD-heavy Sour Tsunami grows strong and has a flavor profile similar to GG4 and Sour Diesel, while the Early Resin Berry brings even more sour flavors to the mix. Dense buds are multicolored, showing purple, orange, and green hues. With Sour Space Candy’s enticing terpene profile, this might be your new favorite CBD strain. This strain is high in the terpene myrcene and is good for relaxing day or night.

CBD: 14.67%
Delta 9 THC: 0.282%

Benefits of CBD:
Our customers report many benefits from smoking CBD hemp flowers.  Some of these benefits include:

  • Anxiety Management
  • Stress Relief
  • Calmness
  • Peace of Mind
  • Sleep Aid
  • Increased Sociability
  • Nausea Relief
  • Appetite Stimulation
  • Inflammation Reduction
  • Aches and Pains Management
  • Reducing Menstrual Pain and Cramping
  • Alleviate Hangovers

Suggested Use:
Consume as needed
Serving Size: 1 puff
Servings per unit: Varies

100% hemp flower containing < 0.3 % Delta 9 THC

Lab Results:
CBD Flower – Sour Space Candy COA

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